Welcome to the blog page of the Office of the Provost of Cal Poly Pomona. This somewhat passé medium is an effort to convey to the faculty and staff in the Division of Academic Affairs some of my perspectives and thoughts on trends in higher education and how we might engage with them. In numerous formal and informal conversations with faculty it has become clear that a primary concern is that they would like to know more about my educational values, my vision for academic affairs, my sense of where we are going academically. This page is an attempt to address this important need.

Like any blog, this one provides for comments and discussion from its audience. This is important to me; I would like to hear the reactions of the faculty and staff to my remarks. I am certain that our sharp and discerning faculty and staff will provide insightful comments and inform and broaden my perspectives. I hope I and other readers of this page will also benefit from alternative perspectives and points of view put forward by participants in this dialog.

However, I am also aware that maintaining a site like this requires time and energy, which are as scarce for me as they are for you. To protect my time, the site will be moderated, which means postings from participants will appear only after they’re approved. I also reserve the right to take down the site if it turns out to be too much of a time sink, or if it ends up attracting no audience. If the site does come down, this should not be interpreted as censorship. It’ll just mean I’ve decided there are better uses of my time and I will find alternative ways to continue the conversation.

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. John

    Marten, you mentioned the “increasing selectivity of our admissions”. Would you discuss which selection criteria have been increased and by how much or provide a link to that? Also, if possible, maybe link some of your key words, like the Early Start program which you mentioned, so that it could easily be looked up.

    I know we have a few of our programs impacted here. What are you thoughts about impacting Cal Poly Pomona? I believe a few other CSU’s have done that. Maybe a Blog post about how you feel about that or some of the pros and cons of impacting the entire university instead of a few programs might be helpful and interesting.
    Another topic that is gaining attention is the switchover from quarter to semester. Maybe a subject for a future blog?

  2. Richard Willson

    There is no question in my mind that the trend of rising test scores has increased the quality of students and has made teaching more enjoyable. For a while, it seemed as if the days of working with underprepared students might be over. Lately, however, we have noticed deterioration in writing skills among our latest cohorts of undergraduate students. Each incoming class varies, but I wonder if others have this concern? We are redoubling our efforts on professional writing, but are curious as to whether a broader trend is occurring regarding writing? (I’m in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.)


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